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Active for over 30 years in the production of composite materials and FRP products, particularly in the chemical and water treatment industries. It provides design, technical consultancy, maintenance, manufacturing, installation, research/development and structural testing services.

Since 1974 it has been manufacturing products and components with high technical performance for applications in the chemical and petrochemical, ecology and environment, hydraulic and irrigation, automotive, nautical, electrical, sports and leisure, and health sectors. It specializes in the creation of customized products and projects, from design to industrialisation.

It has specialized for over 30 years in the production of tanks for aquaculture and algae farming, water treatment tanks for research facilities, chemical and food industries, display tanks for large aquariums and recreational parks. Customers include Universities, Research Institutes, Fisheries Offices, public and private aquariums, fish farms, hatcheries, live fish transporters.

Since its inception in 1977, M.M. has been operating on the Italian and international markets offering gratings, profiles, manhole covers and composite structures. Today it is a reference player in FRP products for use in many sectors: from industry to water treatment, from energy to telecommunications, from railway infrastructures to the shipbuilding sector, from aeronautics to outdoors.

With a history spanning 30 years, Vetres provides tailor-made solutions using fiberglass-reinforced plastics for various applications. It designs and manufactures fiberglass products such as tanks and piping mainly for the industrial sector in sewage treatment plants as reagent storage containers, settling tanks and neutralization tanks.

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